Noise Surveys

Do you need to discharge a planning condition or require a noise survey to support your planning application?

At NOVA Acoustics Ltd we provide acoustic surveys that are bespoke for your needs. Our team of highly trained acoustic consultants have experience in a wide range of projects and are eager to help. Through our network of engineers we are able to provide highly competitive pricing and an unrivaled quality of service. We understand the challenges involved with gaining planning permission and we aim to help you achieve this with the minimum of stress. Contact us today to speak to discuss your needs…

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Nationwide Noise Surveys

Why choose NOVA Acoustics?

We take pride in our acoustic services. Just one phone call and you’ll know you’re in good hands, but here are a few reasons to pick up the phone:

  • Nationwide coverage – no job is too far
  • Fast turnaround time – we have been known to complete noise surveys within 3 days of enquiry
  • Transparent service – there are no hidden costs
  • Honest assessment of your project – we’ll keep it simple and to the point
  • Highly experienced consultants – guiding you through your requirements
  • We are dedicated to our job – we will always strive to ensure your expectations are exceeded every time

Our Acoustic Services

Noise Surveys for Residential Developments

Noise surveys are required to ensure that you protect the amenity of the occupants in your proposed development. If your development is close to a source of noise (such as industrial activities, transport routes or entertainment premises), we can provide a noise assessment to support your planning application. We provide a robust and detailed analysis to ensure you discharge your planning conditions first time around.

Residential Development

Residential Development

Building and Room Acoustics

NOVA Acoustics Ltd are one of the industry’s leading specialists in acoustic room design, noise control and sound proofing. Offering a wide range of services and bespoke designs to achieve the acoustic requirements for your space. Our interior acoustic specialists strive to create inactive and functional designs to suit your purpose. Applying their years of knowledge and experience to create the most acoustically comfortable environments.

Industrial Noise Surveys

Installing a new AC condenser or extraction system? Your local authority may need you to ensure that you’re not impacting on any local noise sensitive receptors. We provide fixed rate noise assessments to ensure you comply with your planning conditions.

Industrial Noise Survey

Noise Impact Assessment

Noise Impact Assessment

Planning a development or applying for change of use? You may require a noise impact assessment to accompany your planning application. We offer efficient and bespoke acoustic consultancy services for any project – no matter the size – ensuring a smooth transit through planning.

Entertainment Noise Surveys

Are you are planning a festival, proposing a new entertainment premises or holding religious/community functions? Our grounded, honest and upfront approach to your project will provide detailed acoustic advice – ensuring that you minimise your noise impact on the local environment.

Entertainment Surveys

Desktop Wind Turbine Surveys

Desktop Wind Turbine Surveys

We are dedicated to minimising carbon footprints through providing low-cost, desktop wind turbine noise assessments. Our surveys comply with all recent IOA guidance on wind turbine noise assessment. We can also provide a quick turnaround and advice on achieving planning consent.

Sound Insulation Design Advice

Book in your sound test with us and you get free advice on how to achieve good quality sound insulation. If we can recommend any improvements, we’ll do so without charging you any extra.

Sound Insulation Design Advice