Acoustic Consultants

Do you have a noise or vibration issue that needs resolving?

At NOVA Acoustics Ltd we provide a vast array of acoustic consultancy services, we are flexible in our approach to any project so call our team today to discuss your requirements. Our dynamic team of highly trained acoustic consultants has a wide range of skills in dealing with specialist projects and we are eager to help your project. Through our network of engineers we are able to provide highly competitive pricing and an unrivalled quality of service across the UK.

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Acoustic Services

Our Acoustic Services:

Noise Surveys for Residential Developments

If you’re applying for planning permission to create, extend or alter a residential dwelling near to a source of noise, then it’s likely that you’ll require a noise report to support your planning application.

Building & Room Acoustics

Need to produce more desirable sound characteristics within a specific room? Our team of consultants have a wealth of knowledge in architectural acoustics and room design, from music production control rooms to places of worship.

Industrial Noise Surveys

Planning to install an AC unit or extraction system? If you are near to residential dwellings you will require an industrial noise impact assessment to ensure you don’t affect the amenity of the occupants.

Noise Impact Assessment

Noise impact assessments measure and predict the impact your development may have on the surrounding area. If you require a noise impact assessment to support your planning application, we’ll offer a bespoke solution to best meet your needs.

Entertainment Noise Surveys

An Entertainment Noise Survey can be required for a broad range of venues; this can include anything from nightclubs to religious functions. Our team of consultants have a wealth of experience in critically assessing the noise impact from a range of venues.

Desktop Wind Turbine Surveys

Are you planning on installing a wind turbine? It is likely that you will require a noise impact assessment to support your planning application.

Sound Insulation Design Advice

Our team of friendly, experienced sound consultants can provide a wealth of advice to ensure your project achieves targeted levels of sound insulation with ease.