Noise at Work Surveys

Industries where employees are exposed to excessive noise are increasing; compliance with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 and the Health and Safety Executive is essential. As an employer, it is a legal requirement to ensure employee’s exposure to noise is within the stipulated guidelines and that procedures are implemented to comply with the regulations. At NOVA Acoustics we carry out thorough and realistic Noise at Work Assessments providing you with a detailed analysis of your employee’s exposure to noise within the workplace. We provide bespoke surveys, which are suited to the requirements of your company and offer realistic solutions that will be reviewed with a Health and Safety Manager.

Are there different types of noise at work surveys?

There are two types of noise at work survey and the one that is most suited to you depends on the operations of your company. The first type of survey is a standard noise at work survey, this will provide a report of every noisy machine or operation that takes place on your premises and advises on how long it will take for your employee to exceed the daily exposure limit values. The second type is a dosimeter noise at work survey; this provides a dose meter for a selection of employees. This is a simple clip on microphone which can be attached to clothing which they will wear for a working day. This will provide specific noise exposure levels for each employee and is a more accurate analysis of employee’s exposure to noise.

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What is involved in a dosimeter Noise at Work Survey?

Prior to coming to site, a selection of employees from different departments will be chosen to wear the dose meters. The choice should be based upon employees who are exposed to noise for sustained periods or are operators of noisy equipment. A consultant will come to site and inform employees about the purpose and operation of the dose meters that they will be wearing. The dosimeters can be worn for a single day or multiple days depending on the consistency of the daily tasks performed by employees. The report will provide analysis of each employee’s exposure to noise and advice upon mitigation that should be provided to minimise the exposure to noise if necessary.


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