Sound Level Meter


From inspection sound level meters to octave band and third octave band spectral analysers for advanced measurements




CESVA has many products to identify, measure and evaluate the vibration of workers and buildings.

Sound Insulation Equipment


CESVA has spectral analysers, sound level meters, amplifiers and machines for measuring and assessing impact sound insulation

noise limiter


Allows you to control any musical activity and guarantee that the sound levels reached will never be high enough to disturb people in neighbouring buildings

NOVA Acoustics Ltd is the official United Kingdom distributor of CESVA acoustic equipment. Cesva offer a comprehensive range of products, such as sound level meters & analysers, vibration meters, calibrators, noise-sources & tapping machines, sound limiters and much more. CESVA Instruments was founded in 1969 in Barcelona; since then CESVA has became a leader & innovator in the field of instruments for precision sound & vibration measurement.

UK CESVA distributors

All of our producs are offered nationwide; if you require further information, please contact us on 0113 3227977 or at or fill out a Contact Form. We are always happy to provide no obligation quotes, expert advice and support to choose the right piece of equipment.