Important notes for floating floor installation

Approved Document E (Resistance to the Passage of Sound) recommends bearing the following in mind when installing a floating floor:


  • Leave a small gap (as advised by the manufacturer) between the floating layer and wall at all room edges and fill with a flexible sealant
  • Leave a small gap (approx.. 5mm) between skirting and floating layer and fill with a flexible sealant.
  • Lay resilient materials in rolls of sheets with lapped joints or with joints tightly butted and taped
  • Use paper facing on the upper side of fibrous materials to prevent screed entering the resilient layer.

Do Not:

  • Bridge between the floating layer and the base or surrounding walls (e.g. with services or fixings that penetrate the resilient layer).
  • Let the floating screed create a bridge (for example through a gap in the resilient layer) to the concrete floor base or surrounding walls.