Noise Surveys for Residential Developments

NOVA Acoustics Ltd are here to minimise the stress of your planning application. Get in touch and we will guide you through the process.

Are you planning a new residential development?

If you’re applying for planning permission to create, extend or alter a residential dwelling near to a source of noise (such as traffic or industrial noise), then it’s likely that you’ll require a noise report to support your planning application. The reason for these surveys is to protect the amenity of the future residents by minimising noise impact to an acceptable level.

Noise Surveys for Residential Development

What is a noise survey?

The aim of a noise survey is to gain a baseline measurement of the noise environment within the proximity of your proposed development. Once the noise environment has been defined, the potential noise impact on occupants can be assessed. The level of noise impact is analysed according to British Standards and World Health Organisation guidelines, to ensure all planning conditions are met.

These standards provide thresholds that are to be achieved for bedrooms, living rooms and external areas and will define the construction of the dwelling. We will provide an analysis of proposed building elements ensuring they will meet the necessary requirements; this includes the facade construction, ventilation and glazing.

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What does a noise survey require?

We understand that gaining planning permission can be a frustrating procedure when time is of the essence. To ensure your project progresses smoothly and efficiently we typically request the following:

  • Architect’s drawings or site plans – showing the site layout, including internal/external layout and construction detail
  • A secure location on-site for monitoring equipment – we need to carry out a baseline noise survey on-site to establish the noise exposure. If this cannot be provided we will carry out manned monitoring
  • Access to site throughout the duration of the measurements

How much does a noise survey cost?

Every noise survey is slightly different and therefore requires varying resources; we are very competitive with our rates and will always try and beat your best quotation. We are able to provide you with an idea of cost over the phone after fully establishing your requirements. Call us today for a no obligation quote!