Noise Impact Assessment

NOVA Acoustics Ltd have a team of experienced consultants who carry out a huge variety of noise impact assessments. If you require a noise impact assessment to support your planning application, we’ll offer a bespoke solution to best meet your needs.

What is a Noise Impact Assessment?

Noise impact assessments measure and predict the impact your development may have on the surrounding area. This can range from an entertainment premises extending operational hours to a city centre

Noise Impact Assessment

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construction project. They will most likely be requested by your planning application case officer, or the local environmental health team when concern has arisen due to increased noise. The scope of these surveys can vary hugely and the methodology followed can vary depending on your local authority. We deal with a wide variety noise impact assessments on a daily basis, and pride ourselves on the quality afforded by this experience.

What does a Noise Impact Assessment require?

The assessment needs to determine the level of impact the noise source will have on the current noise climate. A baseline noise survey will need to be carried out to establish the existing noise climate at potential noise sensitive receptors. The proposed noise source is then compared to the existing climate and the level of impact can be measured. The type of survey that is carried out will be dependent on the type of noise source; guidance from up-to-date Government legislation is used as a reference when predicting impact levels.

What should I do now?

The scope of noise impact assessments can vary hugely, so get in touch with one of our friendly staff members, who can provide you with an honest quotation based upon your specific needs.