Industrial Noise Impact Assessment to BS4142

Planning to install an AC unit or extraction system? If you are near to residential dwellings you will require an industrial noise impact assessment to ensure you don’t affect the amenity of the occupants.

What is a BS4142 Survey?

BS4142:2014 noise impact assessments will normally be requested by your planning officer or an environmental health officer. They are requested if concern has arisen due to the potential impact the fixed industrial unit may have on surrounding residential dwellings, or if complaints have be received in relation to existing units.

Industrial Noise Impact Assessment

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BS4142 surveys are carried out on existing or proposed units in order to gauge the potential impact the unit(s) may have. Compliance with BS4142 will ensure the impact from any industrial installation is minimised.

What if the installation is likely to cause complaints?

How industrial unit being installed, its location, its acoustic characteristics and its operational hours, will all define the level of noise impact it will have. If the proposed plant installation is likely to cause complaints we will design realistic and cost-effective solutions to reduce the impact, ensuring it’s within the local authorities’ requirements. The changes necessary if noise is impacting will vary but could include: changing the unit, re-orientation or designing acoustic enclosures or barriers.

What does a BS4142 Survey require?

To ensure your survey runs smoothly and efficiently we request the following information:

  • Site plans
  • Manufacturer’s details on the prospective plant installation and its location
  • A secure location on-site for monitoring equipment – we need to carry out a baseline noise survey on-site to establish the noise exposure. If this cannot be provided we will carry out manned monitoring
  • Operational hours of the unit(s)

Depending on the scale of the project, we may request additional information. To discuss your requirements contact us today and speak with one of our friendly staff!