Entertainment Noise Survey

An Entertainment Noise Survey can be required for a broad range of venues; this can include anything from nightclubs to religious functions. Most new entertainment premises, temporary events or changes to operations will require an assessment of noise emissions prior to receiving planning permission.

What is an Entertainment Noise Survey?

Entertainment noise surveys are similar to noise surveys; however our acoustic consultants analyse the frequency components of the entertainment noise source. This is necessary as there is commonly a significant proportion of low frequency content within amplified music. A baseline noise survey is carried out to establish the existing noise environment at the noise sensitive receptor. The noise impact is based upon the characteristics of the entertainment noise source and Government construction legislation.

Entertainment Noise Surveys

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What does an Entertainment Noise Survey require?

An Entertainment Noise Survey requires a baseline measurement of the noise to be carried out; this determines the current noise climate at the noise sensitive receptors. Our acoustic consultants will use this baseline to assess the increase in noise levels during an event; the methodology followed is defined by the venue being operational or proposed. Our team of consultants have a wealth of experience in critically assessing the noise impact from a range of venues and will be able to provide you with an honest appraisal of your requirements.