Desktop Wind Turbine Surveys

Are you planning on installing a wind turbine? It is likely that you will require a noise impact assessment to support your planning application. We provide desktop wind turbine assessments carried out in accordance with ETSU-R-97 and Institute of Acoustics guidance.

What is a Wind Turbine Survey?

There are two types of Wind Turbine Survey: desktop-based and site-specific. All wind turbine installations which have a likelihood of impacting residents living within the proximity will require a desktop-based survey. Such surveys basically provides an analysis of the type of unit being installed and the proximity of the units to the noise sensitive receptors, from which the potential noise impact can be estimated. If the potential impact falls below the recommended noise levels then the

Desktop Wind Turbine Surveys

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desktop-based survey alone may be sufficient to support your planning application. If the potential impact falls above the recommended noise levels then a site-specific survey will have to be carried out; this requires a scheme of background noise surveys to be carried out in agreement with the local authority.

What does a Desktop Wind Turbine Survey require?

To be able to complete a desktop survey we require information on the unit(s) being installed, the noise sensitive receptors who are both financially and non-financially involved and any additional units currently installed in the area.

How much does a Desktop Wind Turbine Survey cost?

We provide a highly competitive service and will be happy to review your project for free. If you complete our wind turbine assessment form one of our engineers will be able to advise whether your project is likely to require a full scale assessment, or whether a desktop assessment will be sufficient. We understand that for small scale developments or community projects the additional cost of full acoustic assessments can delay your project significantly. So call us today to discuss the likelihood of gaining approval with your current plans.

When will you receive your report?

On satisfactory completion of the wind turbine assessment form, reports can be completed within 3 working days.