What is Employee Hearing Screening?

Employee Hearing Screening is done via otoscopy and pure tone audiometry (PTA). This is essentially performed by checking the health of their ears with a specialised-scope and performing a hearing test through headphones.

Why should I check my employee’s hearing?

Adequate Employee Hearing Screening is a legal requirement following the Noise at Work Act 2005. If your employee’s are exposed to a sufficient level of noise, a suitably structured hearing screening program ensures that your hearing protection is performing as it should, as well as showing your employees that you have their best interest at heart.

How often should this be done?

For the first 2 years of an employee starting work (if they are exposed to suitably high levels of sound) and typically every 3 years thereafter (though this may be more regular in exceptional circumstances).

What does it involve?

It’s very quick and non-disruptive:

  • A pre-test questionnaire
  • An examination of the employee’s ears
  • A hearing test

In total, the process typically takes approximately 15 minutes per employee.

How many employees can you test?

Any number of employees can be accommodated from individuals to large groups across a number of sites.

What is needed to go ahead with Employee Hearing Screening?

All that’s required is a quiet room on-site which can be utilised and we’ll do the rest. However, off-site testing can be arranged if necessary.

How much does it cost?

We offer a simple, fixed-rate of £20 per person with highly-competitive discounts for multiple employees.