SAP Calculations

SAP Calculations

SAP Calculations

At NOVA Acoustics Ltd we provide SAP assessments for new builds, conversions and extensions. The SAP energy rating is a simple method of measuring the overall energy efficiency and the environmental impact rating of a building; it is used to demonstrate a buildings compliance with Building Regulations Part L1A. The SAP energy rating is required for:

  • New-builds
  • Conversions
  • Extensions

What are SAP Assessments?

SAP assessments are the official government approved procedure for the energy assessment of dwellings. A SAP assessment measures CO2 emissions, energy costs and the thermal performance of building elements; any renewable technologies that are installed are also incorporated. The assessment calculates a figure between 1 and 100+. The higher the SAP rating, the higher the energy efficiency of the home and the lower the fuel cost; this, in turn, results in lower CO2 emissions.

Do I need a SAP Assessment?

SAP assessments help to ensure that you can get your development signed off by building regulations and put it up for sale or let. The SAP assessor can reduce you or your prospective tenant’s energy costs dramatically, increasing the value of your property. Investing in proven construction techniques, heating systems and renewable technologies can hugely reduce your CO2 emissions and improve your SAP Assessment.

What do we need to complete your SAP?

SAP calculations don’t require a site visit they just require documentation from you, such as:

  • Architectural drawings including floor plans, sections, elevations and site plans
  • An architect‚Äôs specification or a completed construction detail form

How do I reduce my properties emissions?

There are a few principle areas that will show significant improvement in your carbon emissions. Here are a few:

  • U Values – if you have a well insulated structure, utilising quality insulation in walls, floors and ceilings will show significant benefits
  • Air Tightness – all new-builds require air pressure testing, which directly impacts the SAP rating. A properly sealed envelope is a must
  • Windows and Door – openings lose a lot of heat; ensure the U values on these elements are as low as possible

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