Air Tightness Testing in London

Making buildings more energy efficient is the aim of the Part L of building regulations that came into force during 2006. The aim is increased efficiency and reducing carbon output by setting an overall ‘emission rate’ of buildings. As air tightness largely contributes to this efficiency, it is a specific performance requirement that must be met according to UK law.

As well as London, we cover many other surrounding areas, so we are able to service all your immediate sound testing needs with professionalism and care. If you are outside the M25 corridor, please make an enquiry as we will probably cover your location.

Part L of the Building Regulations for England and Wales, air tightness testing to be carried out. So it is important to take early action in your building project to ensure compliance. Nova can assist fully in providing air tightness testing in the Leeds and Bradford area.

Why air tightness testing?

Air Tightness Testing is an assessment of the air permeability, tightness or leakage of a building; the higher the level of air tightness the greater the energy efficiency of the building. Air tightness testing can demonstrate the building’s ability to retain conditioned air and loss of conditioned air through the building structure, it also maximises the retention and minimises the loss of conditioned air.

Serving London, as well as surrounding areas.

Our local presence means we understand your needs and can respond quickly to your requirements. Our highly trained testers can be involved early in your project to help you fulfil your legal obligations with the minimum of fuss, or disruption to your building project. We operate across the whole of London. Please contact us for an immediate response using the details below.

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