Omni-directional Sound Source

This unit consists of an omni-directional loudspeakers for acoustic measurements BP012 and the Amplifier for omni-directional sound source AP602.

  • 1/3-octave band graphic equalizer included (AP602)
  • Reduced size: 350 x 300 x 150 mm (AP602)
  • Lightweight : 4.75 kg (AP602) y 14,5 kg (BP012)
  • Bluetooth¬Æ wireless technology incorporated
  • MA001 Remote control included
  • 123 dB PWL
  • Complete omni-directional radiation diagram (BP012)

Main Features

The FP122 Sound Source has two well defined parts: the BP012 Omni-directional Loudspeaker and the AP602 Amplifier for omni-directional sound source.

The BP012 has12 loudspeakers mounted on dodecahedral housing. This ensures a complete omni-directional radiation diagram developing up to 123 dB (PWL) sound power with pink noise in third octave bands from 50 – 5000 Hz for more than an hour.

The AP602 comprises in a small size and lightweight White and Pink Noise generator, a power amplifier and a 1/3 octave band Graphics equalizer (±10 dB) from 50 Hz to 5 kHz.

This last item makes it unique and a pioneer in the market, as it meets all ISO 140-4 requirements pertaining to the differences in level between adjacent 1/3-octave bands generated in the emission room.

The AP602 equalizes and amplifies both external signals and white noise, pink noise or band limited 50 Hz Р5 kHz pink noise from internal generator. AP602 includes Bluetooth® wireless communication with a range of 80m and also includes the remote control MI001 for manage (on/off) the source. The FP122 has been designed to take airborne sound insulation, reverberation time and sound absorption measurements in accordance with the standards: ISO 3382, ISO 354, ISO 140 and ISO 10140.

Software FP120

SF600 is a software application designed for controlling the CESVA AP600, AP601 and AP602 noise generator; the remote control can be used via a serial cable or via a wireless connection.

The SF600 application environment allows you to select the noise type to be reproduced (white/pink) and also to select the noise source (internal/external). Furthermore, the application allows you to increase or decrease the volume and start or stop the noise reproduction. All these operations are in real-time.

Optional Accesories


Tripod for the model BP012 with wheels. Includes the accessory to carry out measurements on facades; AT002.


Bluetooth device for Wireless communications (PC).

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